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I have been brought up within a farming background and have worked on various farms around the country, including Colleges and Universities.

I have over 20 years of experience in Dairy and Agricultural work including calving, mastitis, bulling cows and the welfare of newly born calves.

I can instantly recognise a sick cow/calf and have a good knowledge of treatment.

I hold an operators certificate for a forklift and telescopic handler, have experience with using a Bobman cubicle cleaner and I am covered by full Public Liability insurance.

I am capable of using most types of milking parlours including: Rapid Exit, Tandem, Trigon, Herringbone, Abreast and Rotary.

I have the ability to manage various sized herds and adapt to all farms, large or small; I also have experience in milking goats.

I practice good hygiene levels throughout the milking process, paying particular attention to animal health, cleanliness of equipment and milk storage.

I pride myself with a full understanding of the commitment that a Dairy farm requires.